Ritesh Ranjan

Full Stack Developer
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Hey there, I'm Ritesh Ranjan - a full stack developer based in the vibrant city of Barcelona. With over 9 years of experience in the tech industry, I have developed a diverse skill set that allows me to tackle any project with ease.

My passion for coding and problem-solving started early on in my career, and I have been honing my skills ever since. From developing websites and web applications to creating mobile apps, I love taking on new challenges and pushing myself to learn something new every day.

One of the things I love most about being a full stack developer is the ability to work on both the front-end and back-end of a project. This gives me a holistic understanding of the development process and allows me to create seamless and efficient solutions for my clients.

In my free time, you can find me exploring the beautiful streets of Barcelona, trying out new recipes in my kitchen, or catching up on the latest tech trends. I am also an avid traveler and love to immerse myself in different cultures and experiences.

2023 - NowIT and Process Specialist at Allianz Technology, Barcelona

Internal Project

Developing an enterprise application to be used withing the organisation.

SAML – Jenkins – Angular – Allianz Tools
2022 - 2023Senior Consultant at Deloitte Digital, Bangalore

Customer Care Backlog Management Tool

This tool fetches data from SAP HANA using lambda function and stores it in a Postgres DB. The NodeJS app using Prisma ORM serves data through GraphQL APIs. FE React app displays data in the form of multiple charts and tables.

Octa SAML – Docker – Teamcity – Kubernetes – AWS Lambda – RDS/Postgres – NodeJS – GraphQL – Prisma – React – Material-UI
2018 – 2021Consultant at Deloitte Digital, Bangalore

Ecommerce Application

An online marketplace for selling life science products.

Angular – SASS – NodeJS – CyberSource – Elastic Path

Quoting tool

A quote generation tool for consumption-based IT solutions. Backend services have been created using SAP Hybris while react has been used in client side.

Hybris – React – SASS

Production Lines Tracker

A complete IoT solution for end to end monitoring of production lines in manufacturing unit. It uses Thingworx IoT platform for receiving data from on-site sensors, processing & storing the collected data and show the required information.

Thingworx – React – JSS

Dynamic Vehicle Router

It provides solution for finding optimal path for vehicle visiting multiple locations. The application provided features like authentication, customization of various constraints & display the list of generated solutions.

Python – React – Redux – NodeJS
2016 – 2018Business Technology Analyst at Deloitte Digital, Bangalore

Citizen's Services Portal

The Project provides a digital medium to citizens in need to access government services. The front-end application consists of hundreds of forms which were generated dynamically using json files. A react component library contains all the unique components and assembled them to create different views and pages.

React – Redux – NodeJS – JSS

Virtual Health Assistant

App has 3 layers – Client using angular, Socket Service to listen to any incoming request (Socket Layer) and Node Layer at the back which intercepts any requests coming in from the socket and send them to the model which makes actual service call or process datawhich is then returned to the client for injection.The entire app was configurable using a config file (without rebuilding the app). All data werehosted on a CMS. We targeted 3 languages with 3 different requirements using the same code base.

Angular 9 – Node – Pug – SASS – Socket.io
2014 – 2016Software Developer at Cretechs, Bangalore

iRelief Medical Services

iRelief Services Private Limited is an Aggregator for Healthcare Services. iRelief provides innovative technology solution based services in the domain of healthcare ranging from ambulance, blood bank, homecare and pharmacy services.

Python3 – Django – Celery – Angular 5 – NodeJS – GCM


MOJOJO is a marketplace which connects people with Salons, Spas, Tattoo Studios & Stylists. It has a REST based architecture.

PHP – Laravel – AngularJS – MySQL – Redis


Malvern Engineering was established in June 1947, as a general engineering shop, servicing the mining industry.

PHP – Wordpress – JavaScript – MySQL
2010 to 2014BE in Computer Science & Engineering
CMR Institute of Technology,
Visvesvaraya Technological University, Bangalore

Software engineering & web development


JavaScript, PHP, Python

C#, C++


Django – Celery – MySql – Redis – SQLite
jQuery – React – Redux – AngularJS – Angular – Node.js – Express
HTML5 – Pug – CSS3 – Sass – Bootstrap – JSS – MaterialUI
PHP – Laravel 5 – Wordpress
AWS – GCP – Heroku – DigitalOcean
GIT – JIRA – Gulp – Webpack – Balsamiq – Photoshop
VSCode – Atom – Notepad++ – Visual Studio – IntelliJ IDEs
Spare Time

API Docs

API Docs was created to maintain APIs for other projects I was working on. This is an alternate to swagger editor to create and store APIs. Instead of writing YAML codes, all I had to do was to fill a simple CRUD form.

Git: github.com/ritesrnjn/api_docs

PHP – JavaScript – Bootstrap – SQLite – MySQL


This project is an attempt to bridge the communication gap between doctors, patients and chemists. Patients are provided with a mobile app through which they can take appointments, receive reports, receive health notifications and much more. This project was selected at Microsoft //publish/ 2014 event for National Finals.

Git: github.com/ritesrnjn/docLiveWebApp

Microsoft Azure – C# – XAML – ASP.NET – SQL Server – Windows Phone SDK – Visual Studio


Sketching, Electronics, Hindi Literature, Philosophy

Personal Details
DOBJan 5th, 1993
LanguagesEnglish, Hindi & Spanish

last update: March 2024
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